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This Blog Sucks #power

All Hallows’ Eve is drawing nigh and “energy vampires” are once again terrorizing the nation. Well, these plugs actually don’t prefer a time of year and terrorizing may be exaggerating slightly...but that doesn’t make them any less vamp. Or vampirey. Vampiric? I digress… You probably have appliances in your home and office that are plugged in and not in use. Though they look innocent enough, many of these appliances are energy vampires...
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Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello World, That’s a programmer's go-to test, right?  Either way, welcome to our blog!  Thank you so much for reading through to the third sentence.  What is the ecoSolargy blog?  It’s a blog to highlight recent news in the solar industry and express our loud opinions alongside!  And to talk about our company! #SelfPromotionFTW! We are turning a new leaf at ecoSolargy.  We’re putting serious focus on our social media presence  (So check...
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