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Solar Energy Company ecoSolargy Donates Solar Modules to Homeboy Industries

FundedPhotoSolar solutions provider ecoSolargy (www.ecoSolargy.com), has donated 9 kW of solar modules to Homeboy Industries.  ecoSolargy provides one-stop services and supplies to businesses, utilities and homeowners so they can convert to solar for their energy needs; Homeboy Industries, founded by Fr. Greg Boyle in 1992, provides a variety of free services to at-risk youth to help them have successful, productive lives.  The panels will be installed at the Homeboy Industries headquarters, located at 130 W. Bruno Street in Los Angeles (near Dodger stadium).

Homeboy Industries is doing important work to help inner-city youth have a second chance in life,” said Alan H. Lee, CEO of ecoSolargy.  “We’re pleased to offer our support to this important work, and have made supporting non-profit organizations an important part of our business.” The project is being done in conjunction with Everybody Solar, which seeks donations so that non-profits can go solar; Orion Solar Racking has donated racking for the solar panels.  With the addition of solar power capability, Lee believes Homeboys Industries will see substantial savings in their monthly electricity bills.  He noted that ecoSolargy’s Irvine headquarters has four separate solar arrays, which offset more than half of the facility’s electricity usage. The project was initially planned to be a 4.5kW system, but ecoSolargy’s donation of 9 kW of solar panels allowed Homeboy Industries to double the size of the project. Fr. Boyle was grateful that Homeboy Industries was the beneficiary of the solar donation, which is scheduled to be installed in April, and noted that the organization had a solar panel installation program for at-risk youth.  He said, “With the installation of the solar panels at Homeboy Industries, we reduce our energy costs [and] promote Homeboy’s Solar Panel Installation Training and Certification Program …”

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