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Hurricane Season P. 2: Solar Trailers

Last week, we discussed the benefits of having battery backups with your solar system during a natural disaster.  Not all of us have photovoltaic installations on our roofs, and the ones who do, usually don’t have a battery.  So what’s the other option, TweeterDeeter?!?

Solar trailer by Volta Solar with ecoSolargy Modules!

Solar trailer by Volta Solar with ecoSolargy panels!

I just flew back from Innovationland with a technology that I feel every disaster responder should have!  A solar trailer.  What is a solar trailer?  It’s what it sounds like.  It’s a towable trailer that has solar modules that can fold out when parked.  It also has batteries to ensure continuous power, even when the sun takes a break. #LazySun Solar trailers provide electricity anywhere!  How would this be used in the TweeterDeeter-run FEMA?  When neighborhoods, and sadly whole cities, lose power after storms, a truck could deliver these trailers to various neighborhoods.  They would stay parked out there for neighbors to be able to charge their essentials like medical, flashlights and tweeting-devices.  If the blackout is widespread, the trailer can be moved every couple hours to serve the most people possible.

Solar_trailer2Just think of the potential this has!  If fire departments had solar trailers, any power outages could be easily addressed.  The departments can also use them during non-emergency times for powering special events that often need generators.  Why not just park gas generators everywhere?  Well, for one you’d be contributing to the climate change that brought on the storm, just kidding. #NotReally  But seriously, there is price gouging during these events and generators become very expensive.  The fuel also runs out.  After Sandy, it took 13 days for New York to restore 95% of grid.  And, the Associated Press says that it’s impressive how quickly all of the power was restored!!!  Nearly two weeks is impressive? #ClimateChange & #PeakOil should not be taken lightly.

TweeterDeeter’s Top Tip:  The better you’re prepared for a storm, the better prepared you are for a Zombie Apocalypse.

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