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Future Looks Bright for Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries, Homeboy, solar, everybody solar, sierra ClubHappy December everyone!  We have some exciting news to close November, the month of giving thanks #AndNotShaving.  ecoSolargy is happy to be involved in Everybody Solar’s Homeboy Industries‘ project.  We wrote about this project a few months back when we originally became aware of it.  ecoSolargy will be providing them with the solar modules they need for the whole project.

Thank EverybodySolar on Twitter! They raised the $20k!!!

There are a wide variety of groups that are involved with this project! Everybody Solar is raising funds for the project by holding events and crowdfunding to help nonprofits go solar.  Grid Alternatives, which installs solar on low-income housing and provides free job training, will be installing the project.  The Sierra Club’s My Generation campaign is assisting Everybody Solar with fundraising efforts.  And of course, Homeboy Industries is the beneficiary of the project. Homeboy Industries is celebrating their 25th anniversary of providing former gang members with valuable job training.  They are the largest gang intervention program in the country and their model has been replicated in many other regions.

Everybody Solar, solar, postcard, giving, nonprofitWe’re excited to be joining Orion Solar Racking, an LA-based solar company that has committed to providing the racking for the project.  Originally, the project was slated to be 4.5 kW.  Our donation will double the size of the project by providing them with 9 kW of solar modules.  This solar installation will save Homeboy Industries thousands of dollars annually for decades.  It will also help protect them from future utility rate hikes.  Electricity rates increase every year and bill inflation is a serious threat to a nonprofit’s operations.  They work with limited budgets and a goal to increase program spending. They can’t help our community if they can’t keep the lights on.  Now, instead of spending money on electricity bills they can direct their funds to worthwhile projects.

Homeboy Industries has proven the success of social entrepreneurship.  With 8 separate Homeboy enterprises throughout LA, you can see their work first hand even when visiting City Hall or flying out of LAX.

Homeboy Industries, solar panels, job training, installHomeboy Bakery
Homeboy Silkscreen & Embroidery
Homegirl Café & Catering
Homeboy/girl Merchandise
Homeboy Farmers Markets
Homeboy Diner at Los Angeles City Hall
Homeboy Grocery


The project begins construction in early 2014.  You can still contribute to the project here.  Trapdoor Social, a local alt-rock band, is partnering with Everybody Solar’s in their crowdfunding efforts. They are offering free music and other neat gifts to people who contribute to the project. Trapdoor Social is also holding fundraising concerts.  You’re invited to join us at their next event, Saturday December 14th.   More details will be announced on our Facebook & Twitter Pages.

Below you will find our Press Release:

ecoSolargy Partners with Everybody Solar to donate solar to Homeboy Industries


December 17, 2013

Irvine, CA – ecoSolargy is pleased to announce their involvement with Everybody Solar’s newest project.  They will be donating 9 kW of solar modules to the Homeboy Industries project. This donation will substantially reduce Homeboy Industries’ electric bills and will protect them from future rate inflation. ecoSolargy joins Orion Solar Racking, who have graciously donated racking, in this worthwhile project.


Everybody Solar has developed a unique and innovative giving strategy.  They have partnered with Trapdoor Social, an LA-based alternative rock band, to give small gifts for each donation made to the Homeboy Industries project.  Everybody Solar uses donations to fund solar system installations for nonprofits, enabling them to more effectively support our communities. The fundraising efforts are also being supported by the Sierra Club’s My Generation Campaign, and the installation is being handled by GRID Alternatives.


“This project, a sustainable partnership with Trapdoor Social, Everybody Solar and GRID brings awareness about renewable energy,” said Father Greg Boyle, Founder and Executive Director of Homeboy Industries. “We are grateful to be the beneficiaries. With the installation of the solar panels at Homeboy Industries, we reduce our energy costs, promote Homeboy’s Solar Panel Installation Training and Certification Program, and the hope is we get more people involved in our training program,  completing the courses, passing the national test and eventually working in the solar panel installation industry.”


The original goal for the Homeboy Industries project was a 4.5 kW solar system, but this in-kind donation now allows them to utilize all their available roof space.  A larger system means more resources will be used toward their mission. Homeboy Industries operates the nation’s’ largest gang intervention program, providing “formerly gang-involved men and women with a continuum of free services and programs” while operating “seven social enterprises that serve as job-training sites” according to their website.


“We’re excited to partner with Everybody Solar and GRID Alternatives on their first Southern California project,” says Alan Lee, CEO of ecoSolargy.  “Solar is a gift that keeps on giving, reducing operating costs for decades.  We’ve worked with GRID in the past and jumped on this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to service.  After working with many nonprofits in 2013, we look forward to beginning the new year with these diverse organizations.”

About ecoSolargy

ecoSolargy is an American-owned solar solutions provider headquartered in Irvine, CA. ecoSolargy offers cutting-edge solar solutions which deliver affordable, clean, renewable energy to businesses and homes. The company’s evolution from solar module manufacturer to comprehensive solar solutions provider reflects the expanding needs of contractors, project developers, and building owners. Their first annual corporate social responsibility report will be published in early 2014 and innovative strategies to assist our local communities and expand the use of solar by nonprofits are in progress.  For more information about ecoSolargy, please visit our website. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
About Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries serves high-risk, formerly gang-involved men and women with a continuum of free services and programs and operates seven social enterprises that serve as job-training sites. Homeboy Industries covers tuition and supply costs for its clients who wish to enroll in the Photovoltaic Training program at East Los Angeles Skills Center. Homeboy also offers additional tutoring to help students pass a national credentialing test that makes its clients competitive candidates for employment in the green industry. Visit them online at http://www.homeboyindustries.org.

About Everybody Solar

Everybody Solar is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, CA.  They work to protect the environment and strengthen U.S. communities through solar energy projects.  By providing solar power to local charities, they help these organizations reduce electricity costs and direct their limited resources to the communities they serve.  Everybody Solar is a charitable organization and depends on volunteers and the generosity of the public to perform its mission.  Visit them online athttp://www.everybodysolar.org, like them at http://www.facebook.com/everybodysolar, or tweet at them at www.twitter.com/everybodysolar.

About GRID Alternatives

GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles helps low-income families save money and provides community volunteers and job seekers with hands-on experience installing solar electric systems in local neighborhoods. Since 2007, they have helped over 550 low-income families go solar throughout Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties. Visit them online at http://www.gridalternatives.org/gla/.


To learn more about this project, please contact:

Alex Deeter, Outreach Coordinator
8835 Research Dr.
Irvine, CA 92618
Office: (949) 777-6090


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