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ecoSolargy joins HDPV Alliance

HDPV-home-logo-alliance11ecoSolargy is pleased to announce their membership in the HDPV Alliance! The HDPV Alliance is a smarter way to install solar.  HDPV forms a consortium of innovative businesses in the solar industry in order to build more productive solar systems.

The HDPV Alliance accomplishes this with open technology standards that optimize design and deployment.  You can read more about these exciting developments in the following press release:



ecoSolargy’s PV Modules Now Compatible with HDPV Alliance Standards for Lower Cost and Higher Performance PV Systems

ampt_logo Irvine, CA— October 10, 2013 —ecoSolargy, a full-service solar solutions provider offering manufacturer-direct prices for high-quality solar products and system components that fit any size project, today announced its new membership to the HDPV Alliance, an industry initiative aimed at reducing photovoltaic (PV) balance of system (BOS) costs while increasing energy production from PV plants.

ecoSolargy joins HDPV Alliance founders Ampt, KACO new energy, LTi REEnergy and REFUsol Inc., as well as a host of inaugural members, in leveraging open technology standards to optimize the design and deployment of inverters, cabling, combiners and associated labor to deliver a lower total system cost and higher performance.

KACO_logo_BESTAs part of its membership in HDPV, ecoSolargy is releasing a line of “smart” PV solar modules. The modules incorporate the MultiLink junction box and DC optimizer technology from fellow Alliance members Shoals Technologies and Ampt, and meet HDPV Alliance compatibility and compliance standards.

“The mission of the HDPV Alliance aligns perfectly with ecoSolargy’s core focus of providing high performing solutions that save our customers both time and money,” said Alan H. Lee, chief executive officer at ecoSolargy. “Our goal is to simplify system designs while increasing performance and offering a low-cost, full-system solution with unique value, so we see the Alliance as a significant force in the industry.”

RefuSol logoecoSolargy’s line of HDPV compatible “smart” PV modules include the HDPV Alliance label to indicate that they are compatible with Alliance standards, and that the modules can be deployed with products from other Alliance members as part of a more cost-effective and better performing PV solar system that delivers superior ROI.

“The desire to reduce costs is driving an evolution in PV system design toward a distributed power conversion architecture, and it is the goal of the HDPV Alliance to ensure that standards and best practices are in place to support investments in innovation by companies like ecoSolargy that are making that change possible,” said HDPV


Alliance Chair Mark Kanjorski. “We also want to make it easy for project developers and EPCs to identify and source member products that are HDPV-compatible and have an advantage of higher performance at a lower cost.”

“ecoSolargy has a sterling reputation for bringing high-quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions to their customers, and we are thrilled to welcome them to HDPV,” said Kanjorski.

About ecoSolargy

ecoSolargy is an American-owned full solar service solution headquartered in Irvine, CA. ecoSolargy’s name combines the terms ecology, solar energy, and technology and reflects the company’s mission — to offer the latest in solar solutions to deliver affordable, clean and renewable energy to businesses and homes striving to achieve economic sustainability. The company has evolved from being a solar (PV) manufacturer to being a comprehensive solar solutions provider to meet the expanding needs of contractors, project developers and building owners.  For more information about ecoSolargy, please visit our website. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


About the HDPV Alliance

HDPV, or High Definition PV, is the solar industry’s standard for delivering a greater concentration of solar energy in kWh by providing higher resolution power optimization, information gathering and control at a much lower cost than previously achievable. The HDPV Alliance is an initiative to enable PV project developers, systems integrators, and EPCs to easily identify and source solutions that provide higher performance at a lower cost – the HDPV Advantage. Membership in the Alliance lets customers know that your products or services feature the HDPV Advantage, and streamlines the process of building cost-effective solutions.  Companies throughout the PV industry interested in joining the HDPV Alliance are encouraged to visit http://www.hdpv.org/membership/.

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