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ecoSolargy Employees Donate 46 Neckties & 46 Eyeglasses to Needy in Honduras

ecoSolargy employee Danny Livingston led an effort which collected 46 neckties and 46 eyeglasses from his fellow employees

46 neckties & 46 eyeglasses were collected.

46 neckties & 46 eyeglasses were collected.

for the needy of Honduras.   

Livingston found out the need for the donation through a family member who has been involved in a two-year service mission in the country.  Due to widespread poverty, many Honduran citizens are unable to purchase eyeglasses and hence don’t learn to read; similarly, many residents in search of employment are in need of neckties for job interviews.  Livingston joined with other ecoSolargy employees to create flyers to use to solicit donations from co-workers, family and friends.

“We didn’t know what to expect, and we weren’t prepared for the incredible response,” remarked Livingston.  “We’re grateful to all who contributed; their contributions have already improved the quality of life for many individuals.”

ecoSolargy’s recently adopted Corporate Social Responsibility program encourages its employees to volunteer in the local community and support projects which aid the needy.  Livingston personally delivered the neckties and eyeglasses to a local mission for distribution to the needy in Honduras.

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