Alan H. Lee
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ecoSolargy CEO Alan H. Lee Joins Board of CleanTech OC

Alan H. Lee

Alan H. Lee

Alan H. Lee, CEO of Irvine-based solar solutions provider ecoSolargy (, has been appointed to the board of directors of CleanTech OC, a non-profit group which promotes the use of renewable clean energy in the Orange County community.  ecoSolargy provides one-stop services and supplies to businesses, small utilities and homeowners so they can convert to solar for their energy needs.

“When we talk to business people about solar energy, our message is twofold: you can save money on your electricity costs and preserve the environment,” said Lee, a UCI graduate.  “I’m pleased to be part of an organization that promotes the use of clean energy, and look forward to contributing to their important work.”

Lee founded ecoSolargy in 2009.  The company began as a solar panel manufacturer.  Since then, the company has grown to have three divisions: 1) wholesaler of solar products, 2) project developer to commercial tenants and building owners who want to take advantage of solar tax credits to save money and reduce use of electricity and 3) consultant to firms that want to develop solar-generation facilities.  It sells all needed solar products for a project, and offers manufacturer-direct pricing.

Lee added, “Most manufacturers don’t sell inverters and racking and most distributors don’t have factory direct pricing.  ecoSolargy offers both.”

The firm’s Irvine headquarters is a model of the benefits a company can derive from solar power; the building has four separate solar arrays, which offset 50% of the facility’s electricity usage.


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