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ecoSolargy brings future of Solar to SPI with HDPV Announcement

It’s an exciting week for the solar industry. Solar Power International (SPI), the nation’s largest solar event, is taking place in the Chicago right now!  And ecoSolargy is announcing our brand new HDPV Solution Kits!

HDPV-home-logo-alliance11Last week we announced that we were joining the HDPV Alliance!  This week, we’re announcing the first end-to-end HDPV compliant solar kit.  These kits are pre-engineered to optimize production and cut costs.  The kits reduce costs up to 20% compared to conventional systems and Ampt’s DC/DC optimizers as well as Kaco’s “Smart Modules” increase production up to 8%.  These kits include modules, optimizers, inverters, racking, cabling, and combiner boxes. If you would like to learn more, the official press release is below.

But back to the conference! SPI is a solar conference with over 700 exhibitors from over 100 countries.  There are seminars on a wide array of subjects including new solar technology, market forecasting, and resolving current issues.

SPI PicThe show has already generated some impressive news.  The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, announced during his speech that the City of Chicago will now offer one day permitting for residential solar installations.  Any improvement to the permitting process benefits the solar industry.  Simple, single-page permits, reduced fees, and expedited processing all help installers complete their solar projects.

Another highlight at SPI is the Start-Up Alley.  This area focuses on new, up-and-coming companies in the industry.  Judges reviewed applications from various companies, scoring their business models and solar innovations.  Highlight these young companies is important because every major corporation was once a start-up.  Each of these companies has the opportunity to pitch to investors and receive direct feedback.

SPI FloorThe QuickTalks at SPI this year look amazing!  Speakers take only 25 minutes, allowing for more speakers and topics to be heard.  Personally, I like this model.  Attendees have specialized fields within the industry so shorter, more specialized sessions allow everyone to find topics that directly relate to them.

ecoSolargy is excited to be at SPI and hope we can meet you while we’re all there!

More great news is Solar Power International will be held in Las Vegas next year.  In case Chicago isn’t exciting enough, SPI has truly gone all-in for next year.

Special congratulations to all of the finalists in Start-Up Alley.

Divya Energy
Faze 1
kWh Analytics
Lighting For Learning
renewz sustainable solutions inc.
Solar Exchange
Solar Site Design
SolarCast, LLC
Ultrasolar Technology

And now back to the press release!


Solution provides 4-8% more energy by combining ecoSolargy smart PV modules powered by Ampt, low cost HDPV inverters, racking, cabling and combiner boxes

Irvine, CA— October 21, 2013 —ecoSolargy, a full-service solar solutions provider offering manufacturer-direct prices for high-quality solar products and system components that fit any size project, today announced availability of an end-to-end HDPV solution with the HDPV Alliance, an industry initiative aimed at reducing photovoltaic (PV) system costs while increasing energy production from PV plants. ecoSolargy’s newly released HDPV solution reduces costs by up to 20% compared to conventional PV systems.

The ecoSolargy HDPV solution has been pre-engineered and pre-designed to take advantage of cost savings. The kit includes PV modules, module-level DC optimizers, an inverter, racking, cabling and combiner boxes in a turnkey, scalable solution that simplifies the design and purchasing process for system owners.  ecoSolargy achieves a lower cost structure by designing systems and selecting products that meet HDPV standards, and by kitting the solution for simplicity and efficiency when designing and deploying systems.

ecoSolargy’s HDPV solution features its “smart” PV modules with a Shoals MultiLink junction box and a DC/DC optimizer powered by Ampt.  It includes KACO new energy’s “Smart Module” inverter with Ampt Mode™, along with racking, wiring and combiner boxes that have been engineered to reduce the cost of inverters and balance-of-system (BOS) components and labor up to 50% compared to conventional systems.

The end-to-end solution increases power generation by capturing the full available power of each solar module over the system lifetime, and by putting in place an optimized inverter and cabling design that are more efficient and lower cost.

“ecoSolargy developed this kit with members of the HDPV Alliance to enable its customers easy access to the lowest-cost, highest-performance solution,” said Alan H. Lee, CEO at  ecoSolargy. “Since the components are preconfigured to work together the HDPV Kit provides ease of use for project developers, systems integrators and EPCs.”

“ecoSolargy is forward-thinking and highly focused on the market’s demand to lower costs while also achieving the highest performance,” said Mark Kanjorski, Chair of the HDPV Alliance. “ecoSolargy is bringing to its customers a first of its kind end-to-end HDPV solution that is uniquely competitive.”

About ecoSolargy

ecoSolargy is an American-owned full solar service solution headquartered in Irvine, CA. ecoSolargy’s name combines the terms ecology, solar energy and technology and reflects the company’s mission — to offer the latest in solar solutions to deliver affordable, clean and renewable energy to businesses and homes striving to achieve economic sustainability. The company has evolved from being a solar (PV) manufacturer to being a comprehensive solar solutions provider to meet the expanding needs of contractors, project developers and building owners.  For more information about ecoSolargy, please visit our website. Follow us on Facebook, and Twitter, twitter.com/ecoSolargy.

About the HDPV Alliance

HDPV, or High Definition PV, is the solar industry’s standard for delivering a greater concentration of solar energy in kWh by providing higher resolution power optimization, information gathering and control at a much lower cost than previously achievable. The HDPV Alliance is an initiative to enable PV project developers, systems integrators, and EPCs to easily identify and source solutions that provide higher performance at a lower cost – the HDPV Advantage. Membership in the Alliance lets customers know that your products or services feature the HDPV Advantage, and streamlines the process of building cost-effective solutions.  Companies throughout the PV industry interested in joining the HDPV Alliance are encouraged to visit http://www.hdpv.org/membership/.

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