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by ecoSolargy

CSR + Clean Energy Conference Recap

This is a guest post from Jimmy Nhieu, VP of Project Development at ecoSolargy.  Jimmy was asked to speak at Micro CSR’s event about ecoSolargy’s current CSR efforts and the integration between CSR and Clean Energy.  (Note: CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility)

MicroCSR21In retrospect, the Micro CSR event hosted in Tucson, Arizona last week was an eye-opener for many people and businesses.  It provided insight to a new movement that is happening rapidly around our communities involving CSR and clean energy.  From individuals to small businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations, the various perspectives unanimously supported CSR and clean energy.

The event, properly titled CSR + Clean Energy, was hosted by Greenstone System at the Rialto Theater in Tucson, Arizona.  Attendees and speakers hailed from all over the world.  Local government guest speakers included mayors of surrounding cities and United States Congressman Ron Barber was in attendance.  Small business owners addressed the successes and challenges surrounding their commitment to promote their communities with CSR and clean energy programs.  Many industries shared how a small business can impact communities and non-profit organizations in a large way.  A myriad of professionals represented causes they are passionate about and how their contribution has helped reform their respective industries.

solar, csr, microcsr, clean energy, cleantech, conferenceI had the opportunity to present our CSR efforts to the conference.  It was well-timed with the launch of our CSR Report (LINK).  ecoSolargy is an interesting case study.  We are a small company, but we believe that CSR is everyone’s responsibility.  This year’s launch identified problem areas, set a number of goals, and set targets for the coming year.  We’ve already witnessed improvements with our efficiency efforts.  The highlight of our presentation was the ways we give back.  We volunteer monthly and have started to give solar, a gift that keeps on giving, to nonprofits.  We also got to highlight the charitable crowdfunding project we’re partnering with.  You can read more about that project here. We hope our example can help sustainable companies and other small businesses be more socially responsible.

solar company, csr, small business, csr reportThe CSR and Clean Energy movement is quickly becoming mainstream in the business world.  The excitement and energy of being at the forefront was contagious and the overwhelming support of others in the audience was influential to those of us who believe in this movement.

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