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Alan H. Lee

ecoSolargy CEO Alan H. Lee Joins Board of CleanTech OC

Alan H. Lee, CEO of Irvine-based solar solutions provider ecoSolargy (, has been appointed to the board of directors of CleanTech OC, a non-profit group which promotes the use of renewable clean energy in the Orange County community.  ecoSolargy provides one-stop services and supplies to businesses, small utilities and homeowners so they can convert to solar for their energy needs. “When we talk to business people about solar...
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What Does the Solar Say?

Hopefully, you have heard of the Siri trick, "What Does the Fox say?" If you haven't, drop everything and find an iPhone with Siri!  If you can't, we added some of her responses to the bottom.  We had the whole office watch the video and then the parody ideas started flowing.  We came up with this, enjoy!   The original What Does the Fox Say video in all its catchy glory! For those of you, like TweeterDeeter and the Manatee who do not have...
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YPE Mixer Discusses Irvine Smart Grid

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a Young Professionals in Energy (YPE) event.  YPE is a national group of energy professionals providing social and networking opportunities. There are chapters for most major cities, and the Orange County Chapter is currently being rebooted. You can join their LinkedIn group here. YPE OC met for networking and a presentation on the Irvine Smart Grid project. This Southern California Edison (SCE) demonstration...
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ecoSolargy: Now Cleaner and Greener

A lesson I recently learned at work:  when your boss tells you, and only you, to bring your bathing suit to work on Friday, it's not because you missed the ultra-casual Friday memo. And you definitely shouldn’t plan on a fun day at the beach... As a solar provider, we are often asked about solar panel maintenance and cleaning.  Luckily, a solar array requires minimal maintenance.  There are no moving parts and no regular maintenance schedule....
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Welcome Peter DeFrank

A special welcome to our “new” Sales Manager, Peter DeFrank!  ecoSolargy would like to extend a hearty welcome to one of our newest team members, Peter DeFrank.  Peter will be a great new asset to our company! The ecoSolargy family welcomed Peter this summer, and he has already proven himself to be a great asset. He brings to the table a strong, diverse sales management background including 10-years of international sales. Our sales force has...
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Ready, Set, Low-Flow!

Go green! Be eco-friendly! Buy environmentally-conscious, natural, recycled, organic, free-trade everythings! We hear these buzzwords daily but, as Kermit taught us, it’s not always easy “being green”. The fact is, we live in a world filled with disposable cell phones, styrofoam-housed fast food, and energy-hungry air conditioning. And to be totally honest, we kinda like it that way. Why, Convenience and Comfort are two of America’s founding...
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Happy Labor Day from ecoSolargy!

Hey Everyone, Danny the (Solar) Manatee and I wanted to wish you all a Happy Labor Day!  I'll be flying down for a lovely weekend in San Diego, and the Manatee will be slumbering around Huntington Harbor.  :)  Have a great day and get ready for our post tomorrow!
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