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3 Green Ways to Survive Zombies

Turn on solar, pumpkin carvingHappy Halloween everyone!  At ecoSolargy, we’ve been celebrating all month with buckets of candy #ExceptMilkDuds.   We’ve carved our pumpkins and are looking forward to Thursday’s costume contest #AwkwardMeetings.  With Breaking Bad over and The Walking Dead back, we’ve been having serious zombie discussions.  We’re a pretty “green” group of people (Martin has his own aquaponics system), and we started to notice our zombie preparedness strategies sounded a lot like sustainable living practices.

A zombie apocalypse cuts you off from society and forces you to utilize resources are at hand.  In order to survive, you need to make your life sustainable.  Our zombie survival strategy is passive, focusing on long-term survival and not on zombie killing #Sorry.  Below you’ll learn some sustainable practices that could help you survive the days of the undead.

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Go Solar

solar trailer, emergency powerFirst tip: go solar.  Predictable, right?  But in all honesty, you need a consistent, renewable energy resource. A small wind turbine could work, but for this guide we’re sticking to solar. You could live without electricity…but imagine how much better your post-apocalyptic life would be with your microwave, battery chargers, and Lost on DVD box set.  A solar system makes survival much less difficult. With it you can grow food indoors, have light in the evenings, and even power medical equipment.  It’s low maintenance to reduce risky trips outside and a battery backup provides electricity any time of the day. As The Walking Dead has taught us, living with zombies can mean living on the run. For the nomadic apocalypse-survivor, we recommend a solar trailer, which will help you stay one step ahead of the hungry undead.  Solar trailers have an expandable solar array and battery backup mounted to a towable trailer. Hook one of these to your electric vehicle and you’ll never have to worry about a finding gas.


Example of DIY Aquaponics Since Twinkies, the Post-Apocalyptic food of choice, are out of production it’s time to learn how  to garden. If you’re like me, you don’t spend much time in the garden and have no idea when to plant certain foods.  Plus, I’m told winter stops outdoor growing in some areas.  Thankfully, an aquaponics system can solve these problems!  An aquaponics system is basically a fish tank connected to an agricultural system.  You feed the fish, they fertilize plants, and, you get fresh food and fish.  With lighting powered by your solar system, you’ll be able to grow crops year-round indoors while avoiding your zombie neighbors outside.  Sizeable systems can produce massive amounts of food, fibers for clothing, and even material for biofuels!

Sustainable Design

Coincidentally, sustainably designed homes are far better suited for a zombie apocalypse or natural disaster than conventional homes. With thick, strong walls and triple pane windows, the zombies will have a difficult time getting in your home. You’ll also enjoy a comfortable indoor climate using less resources!  A great addition to your zombie-proof home is a rainwater collector.  Collected water can be used for crops, bathing, and even hydration. Choosing highly efficient appliances would maximize the benefits of your solar system.  And make sure to insulate your attic and basement; this helps repel the flying and burrowing zombies – ya, I’ve seen Plants Vs. Zombies.

Zombie preparedness is yet another reason to feel good about going green! Follow these tips and you’ll be more prepared for zombies, natural disasters, and electricity rate hikes! Happy Halloween!

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Franky, Frankenstein’s Monster

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Mummy, used 2,000 toothpicks

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Alan Lee, CEO

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