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TweeterDeeter’s Drought Rant

Note: This rant was originally written a few months ago, but we didn’t feel that great and I guess had some hopes the rains would help with the drought.  They didn’t, but there was other encouraging news. The Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) began their CALscape program to reduce water consumption and proposed new rate increases.  More details below. California’s drought has finally gotten personal: I haven’t seen a filled bird bath in...
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ecoSolargy Employees Donate 46 Neckties & 46 Eyeglasses to Needy in Honduras

ecoSolargy employee Danny Livingston led an effort which collected 46 neckties and 46 eyeglasses from his fellow employees for the needy of Honduras.    Livingston found out the need for the donation through a family member who has been involved in a two-year service mission in the country.  Due to widespread poverty, many Honduran citizens are unable to purchase eyeglasses and hence don’t learn to read; similarly, many residents in search of...
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How to go Solar with CSI

I know what you’re thinking… “Boy, do I wish I could afford solar! It’s too bad that it’s so expensive.” Actually, PV module prices have decreased by 80% since 2008. California has also been providing consumers with incentives to help fund their solar projects. Many of these rebates stem from the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Program. The CSI Program is essentially a product of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's “Million Solar Roofs”...
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Solar PV Prices Have Fallen 80% in 6 Years

Solar PV Module Prices Have Fallen 80% Since 2008, Wind Turbines 29% (via Clean Technica) I know most of you have seen such graphs many times, but I can’t resist sharing another one every once in awhile. And the truth is, a lot of people are completely oblivious to this. Those who follow cleantech news know the strong trend, but the common…
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3 Differences between STC and PTC Ratings You Need to Know

You may have wondered, “Does my 250 watt solar panel actually produce 250 watts?”  Well the answer, technically, is yes. Your panel produces 250 watts, but only under specific conditions.  Solar companies use Standard Test Conditions (STC) to rate their PV products.  The California Energy Commission (CEC), however, rates each product using the Photovoltaic Utility Systems Applications (PVUSA) Test Conditions (PTC) which calculates the wattage...
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